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What is a patent?  
A patent is a federal property right that provides to its owner exclusive abilities to make, use and sell an invention.  As a patent
owner, you may:

  •  sue others that make, use or sell your invention without your permission;

  •  license your invention to an established company in exchange for royalties; or

  •  sell your patent to someone else

Obtaining a patent can be more important than trying to sell an invention.  Many inventors avoid investing the time and money
needed to bring their inventions to market by simply getting them patented and allowing others to license or buy their patents.

Utility Patent - For any new and useful machine, process, article of manufacture or composition of matter, or any new and
useful improvement thereof (ex: a fishing lure, an exercise machine, a method for encrypting digital music files, etc.).  Lasts 20
years from the date on which it was filed for.  

CLICK HERE for an example of a utility patent that was obtained by IPA

Design Patent - For any new and ornamental design for an article of manufacture (ex: a unique surface pattern on a scarf,
the shape of a wedding ring band, etc.).  Lasts 14 years from the date on which it is granted.

CLICK HERE for an example of a design patent that was obtained by IPA

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