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We Protect So You Can Profit
The law firm of Invention Protection Associates provides the specialized intellectual property legal counsel that individuals and
businesses need to protect their inventions, brand names, logos and other original creations in order to profit exclusively from
them.  We can help you decide whether to pursue the legal protections of a patent and/or trademark, and our constant goal is
to provide the utmost quality in service while remaining conscious and respectful of your personal circumstances.

We are centrally based in the Heartland of America, but because our law practice deals exclusively with federal laws regarding
patents and trademarks, we can serve you regardless of where you live or operate your business.

Explore this website for information about our legal services concerning patent and trademark protections.  To discuss how
Invention Protection Associates can help protect your legal rights in your creations, please call us.  Don't delay and risk losing
your functional or design creations to someone else.  Let us help you to take advantage of the protections afforded by law.
Core Legal Services

We conduct domestic patent searches; provide consultation regarding patentability of inventions and rights to manufacture
them; and prosecute applications to obtain utility patents for new and useful inventions and to obtain design patents for new
and ornamental designs.

We prosecute applications to obtain federal registration of trademarks and service marks for words, names, slogans, catch
phrases, logos, etc. that represent goods and services.  Federal registration puts the public on notice of an owner's trademark
rights and provides legal advantages.

NOTE:  No attorney-client relationship is formed by the presentation or viewing of this web site.  This web site provides information for educational purposes only
and is not to be relied upon in lieu of consulting legal counsel.  You should consult with an attorney, as proper legal advice is dependent upon particular needs and
circumstances.  Also, laws affecting information published on this web site are subject to change.
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